Move over, bone broth. According to a new trend report, 2016 is all about mushroom broth. 
Scallop and Mushroom Soup with Ginger and Leeks
Credit: © David Loftus

Bone broth had a big year in 2015. The simple soup base, made when animal bones are simmered in water (previously known to many as... stock) became a food-world phenomenon, complete with trend pieces and bone broth–centric restaurant openings. This year, get ready for a similar wave of enthusiasm over bone broth's vegetarian counterpart: mushroom broth.

According to a trend forecast by the Chicago-based retail consumer analytics firm Spins, mushroom broth is about to have a moment. One reason for this, according to the report, is an uptick in wild mushroom foraging. (Hello, René Redzepi). And it was only a matter of time until the bone broth craze gave rise to demand for a vegetarian alternative—after all, vegetarianism is on the upswing, too.

Of course, mushroom broth is not a new phenomenon: In the same way that meat-based stock has long been fundamental to soup-makers everywhere, people have forever flavored water with vegetables. But we're all for any boost in publicity for this humble cooking staple. Mushroom broth is a great way to add extra earthiness and depth to any soup. If trend forecasters say 2016 is the year of mushroom stock, we say great.

Here, a few fantastic recipes to get you ahead of the trend:

Mushroom Broth:
A classic take on this vegetarian cooking essential.

Halibut with Turnip Mash in Mushroom-Kombu Broth:
For his version of the French seafood classic sole bonne femme, chef Ignacio Mattos adds fast Asian flavor by infusing broth with kombu seaweed instead of fish carcasses.

Rich Mushroom Stock
This flavorful stock from chef Michael White is a great substitute for vegetable stock in any dish that includes mushrooms.

Split-Pea Soup with Portobellos
Meaty portobellos are especially good for adding substance and flavor to this soup, but shiitakes or other mushrooms will work well, too.

Shiitake-and-Swiss-Chard Soup with Hand-Cut Noodles
David Chang flavors this fabulous broth with dried shiitakes; fresh shiitakes intensify the flavor.