It's the latest in a string of food-based pop-ups that plan to take over Instagram.

It’s not even summer yet, and we may have already reached peaked food ‘museum.’ A company called Nameless Network has announced that it will open a pop-up Museum of Pizza this October. But like so many of these so-called museums that have promised immersive food experiences, it sounds less educational and more like an opportunity to take selfies.

Let me be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a taking selfies, especially when there is pizza involved. The Museum of Pizza promises plenty of opportunities to act like an Instagram food influencer: There will be a cheese cave, pizza art gallery, and pizza beach (A beach perfect for eating pizza? A beach with pizza instead of sand? It’s still unclear), among the pop-up’s experiences.

The Museum of Pizza may live up to its name, however: Apparently, guests can also view an “interactive history,” of pizza, although the description doesn’t go any further in explaining what history you’ll be learning.

As Eater points out, ticket holders are entitled to one free slice of pizza, but in a city where pizza can be had on the cheap on almost every corner, the Museum of Pizza seems more suited for people who wanted to amp up their Instagram presence with some cheesy content.

Pizza—as universally beloved as it is—seems like the natural next step in the food ‘museum’ craze. First, we got the wildly popular Museum of Ice Cream, which set this chain in motion. It was quickly followed by a Museum of Candy, the Egg House, and, coming to San Diego this summer, a Museum of Avocado.

It was the now-famous sprinkles pool at the Museum of Ice Cream that first showed us that perhaps the appeal of these installations isn’t in the food they celebrate, but rather the opportunity for staged pictures they present. And that’s okay. What matters is that people are having fun, and maybe getting some free food along the way.

Tickets for the Museum of Pizza are $35 and are on sale now.