Murray’s Mac & Cheese opened next to the Bleecker Street flagship shop this month. 
Mac and cheese
Credit: Courtesy of Murray's Cheese.

When I first heard Murray’s Cheese—New York’s iconic shop for all things cheese—was opening a mac and cheese concept, Murray’s Mac & Cheese, right next to its Bleecker Street flagship, I was thrilled. The menu has six different flavors to choose from—including Buffalo Chicken, French Onion, and Breakfast—all made with Murray’s own cheese and semolina radiator pasta from Sfoglini, a New York-based pasta maker. Plus, there’s a build-your-own option that lets you pick from ten (ten!) different kinds of cheeses. When the concept officially opened on Friday, March 1, I went straight from work to check it out.

Although the different flavors on the menu sounded great on their own—I’ll definitely be trying the breakfast mac next time—the promise of building my own mac and cheese was way too tempting. Ten different cheese options? Say no more. Here’s how it works: You add toppings and sauces to the “Classic” flavor, which has a secret blend of cheeses. Base prices start at $5 (8 ounces), $8 (12 ounces), $12 (16 ounces), and $18 (28 ounces) for each respective size. I went with the $8 "Meal Mac" and piled on Fontina and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses, caramelized onions, and pesto sauce, topped with crisp pieces of prosciutto. (If you couldn’t tell, I was craving Italian.)

Mac and cheese.
Credit: Photo by Bridget Hallinan.

I watched as the Classic mac—steaming and covered in breadcrumbs—was scooped out of a pan and sautéed with my chosen toppings into one cheesy mass. I wasn’t sure how well my flavor combinations were going to pair together, but with the first bite, I was sold. It was crispy, savory, and not too greasy, with the quality of the cheese immediately apparent (and, yes, I got an epic cheese pull). The radiator pasta was a nice touch, too, with the ridges keeping the cheese from sliding off. The grand total came out to a cool $18.51 (tax included)—$2 each for the fontina, parm, caramelized onions, and prosciutto, and $1 for the pesto—but, considering how filling it was, I didn’t mind the splurge. To make a full meal out of it, you can also add a soup or side salad, plus a “select beverage,” to your mac for an extra $5—or, go all out and order the 28-ounce family mac.

If you want to check out Murray’s Mac & Cheese yourself, the concept will be open for at least four months, according to a Murray’s spokesperson. However, due to the popularity of the concept, it will “likely be longer.”

We really, really hope that “longer” turns into “permanent.”