By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 08, 2015
A perfect match from Black Seed Bagels.
© Daniel Kreiger

Like your bagels toasted? For the past 19 years, you had to steer clear of Murray’s, one of New York City’s best known bagel shops. They had a strict “no toasting” policy – they didn’t even keep a toaster on the premises.. The logic was simple: Our bagels come out perfectly; if you want to ruin that amazing taste and texture, do it with your own damn toaster on your own time.

But times are changing, and Murray’s decided to change their policy, announcing the flip-flop in a totally overlooked Twitter post. “Murray's Bagels will now toast,” they wrote. “Although we still firmly believe that a hand-rolled, kettle-boiled, fresh Murray's Bagel is superb, our customer's satisfaction is paramount to us. We will now toast bagels upon request and hope that everyone will enjoy New York's best bagels any way they choose.”

The change didn’t go unnoticed forever, though, and today, the toasted bagel debate has become a hot topic. And now that the Internet discovered the policy change, the Internet predictably, freaked out. Over at the Gothamist for example, they railed against “The traitors at Murray’s” who “will now toast transplants’ bagels,” before later writing that people who enjoy bagel toasting “should immediately be deported to Philadelphia.”

Personally, I wasn’t even aware that bagel toasting could illicit such passion on either side. But then again, perhaps I am part of the problem: I moved to New York from Philadelphia. In Philly, we have more important debates – like “wit” or “witout.” And if you don’t know what that means you’ve clearly never ordered a cheesesteak before. Also I’m prepping an outraged tweet about you right now.