Courtesy of Mountain Dew

The red, white and blue soda looks suspiciously purple. 

Mike Pomranz
May 16, 2017

Summer is the most patriotic time of the year: Memorial Day and Labor Day bookend the holiday most associated with America: the Fourth of July. And brands big and small break out their best attempts at patriotism in the summertime as well. Last year, Budweiser straight up swapped out its brand name with the word “America” on its packaging. This summer, Mountain Dew has devised an equally silly plan – launching a new beverage called “DEW-S-A.” 

Though “DEW-S-A” is strong enough wordplay that Mountain Dew could probably have gotten away with throwing any flavor into bottles with that label, DEW-S-A actually has a backstory all its own. This new concoction is a combination of three other Mountain Dew flavors: Mtn Dew Code Red, which is red; Mtn Dew White Out, which is white; and Mtn Dew Voltage, which is blue. Yes, to create Mtn Dew DEW-S-A, the brand claims it mixed together its existing red, white and blue drinks into one crazy purple-colored American mess. Whether this represents one of the most brilliant marketing moves ever or is simply an admission of unabashed idiocy is certainly up for debate.

In Dew’s defense, the brand says that mixing the flavors wasn’t initially their idea, but was created by Dew drinkers. “It’s awesome that Mountain Dew listened to the fans who were already creating the red, white and blue DEW-S-A mix,” NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr, the drink’s celebrity spokesman, said in a statement. Though I do question how “awesome” Dale Earnhardt Jr really finds this, what I don’t question is that this is something Mountain Dew drinkers might have tried. As someone on the Mountain Dew section of Reddit wrote, “Mountain Dew has officially turned into that kid at Speedway that would get 3 different kinds of Dew in his cup before he went to school, claiming it's an experimental flavor and that his uncle works for Pepsi.”

And right now the Mountain Dew subreddit is one of the more informative places to go if you want to know about DEW-S-A, because oddly missing from all of Mountain Dew’s press materials is any description of what the drink actually tastes like. Even in the DEW-S-A promotional video, the brand turns the question of “Why don’t we tell the folks at home what it actually tastes like?” into a joke. “I think it tastes like heavy rumble from a V8, and sometimes, if you listen close, you can hear a bald eagle in the distance,” Earnhardt says. Meanwhile, a coupe people on Reddit had the assessment that it “tastes like melted bomb pops.” 

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