The mysterious "VooDew" flavor was revealed just in time for Halloween, but it's disappearing soon.

Mountain Dew Mystery Flavor
Credit: Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew played a horrible trick on us—and now, if you want your treat, you're going to have to act fast. Back in August, the gamer-loving soda brand released Mtn Dew VooDew—a limited-time only Halloween-themed mystery flavor. Frankly, I saw the press release, and I ignored it—because as much as I love good Mountain Dew news, the whole "mystery flavor" thing has pretty much been played out. (Thanks, Oreo!) America seemed to give a similar collective shrug: Mtn Dew asked people to guess the flavor on social media using the hashtag #MtnDewVooDew, and on Twitter, you can count the number of tweets in the dozens.

So yesterday, the day before Halloween, it was time for the big announcement—and no, you weren't alone if you weren't refreshing your Instagram feed all day. Then came the sure-to-be-boring reveal... HOLY CRAP—the secret flavor was candy corn all along! There's been a candy corn soda sitting on store shelves for nine weeks and no one bothered to tell us!

The first couple of responses on Mountain Dew's Instagram reveal parroted my surprise. "Where can I get this," the first one asked. "I need to make it to the store for some of this," the second comment stated. Yes, we all need to get to the store to try this—and fast. A Mountain Dew spokesperson told me, "The drink will only be available for two more days before being sent to the Mountain Dew graveyard." And that's assuming you can still find it: Plenty of other comments on Instagram lament that VooDew is already sold out.

If there's any solace for those of us who missed out on Mtn Dew Cndy Crn (which is what I would have called it!), it's that the soda appears to have not tasted that much like candy corn. Almost no one guessed the flavor correctly. A search of the hashtag and "candy corn" on Twitter only bring up two tweets—neither of which fully commits to candy corn as the flavor. And yet, the idea of trying a soda that is supposed to taste like candy corn but doesn't is almost as intriguing. Who doesn't like complaining? And if not candy corn, what does it taste like?

One could argue Mountain Dew missed the mark on this one: A candy corn soda seems much more buzzworthy than a random mystery flavor. Maybe Mountain Dew assumed people would start to figure the mystery out and that would create buzz? The soda brand certainly tried to tip its hand. Going back to that original press release, the spokesperson who sent it to me wrote, "Bearing no color, the mystery flavor could be cotton candy, cream soda or candy corn—no one will know for sure until we reveal the real answer later this year." Clearly, only one of those options is associated with Halloween. So, hey, Mountain Dew, next time, just tell us. I can't go give you money for a candy corn soda if I don't know it exists! Sincerely, all-of-America probably.