Credit: © Through The Eyes of My Belly

As delicious as they are, mozzarella sticks seem incomplete without marinara sauce. As anyone who has ever lamented an order of the fried cheese that arrives sans sauce can attest t it really helps to have something acidic to cut through all that fat.

And yet, the marriage of stick and sauce can be tenuous, with cooks keeping the two sides separated, allowing one to easily escape the other. And though some innovators have tried making mozzarella sticks with the sauce on the inside, that too is not perfect, eliminating one of the dish’s other great contrasts: hot cheese meets cold tomato.

That’s what makes the idea of “Mozzarella & Marinara Shots” so compelling: It’s a handheld, self-contained entity of everything that makes a mozzarella stick so awesome. Yesterday, the blog Through the Eyes of My Belly unleashed a step-by-step recipe on how to make these interesting appetizers. And assuming you have access to a deep fryer, it actually doesn’t seem that complicated.

It’s only the site’s second post. The first was chocolate bacon shot glasses, positioning the blog as a possible go-to place for food-meets-shot-glass content. Topping these crazy mozzarella and marinara shots is going to be pretty tough, though.