Krispy Kreme's coffee hazelnut spread could soon be available for purchase at Walmart. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
May 24, 2017

Earlier today, a mysterious Instagram post popped up that seemed to show a container of hazelnut spread, much like the Nutella you know and love, but this one was from Krispy Kreme in the flavor of a caramel macchiato. Yes, it's basically coffee Nutella you can spread on your toast.

Apparently, the spread is supposed to be released at Walmart stores sometime this year, but there’s no word on when it will be available for purchase, or which store locations you’ll be able to find it at.

If the rumors are true and the spread does pop-up at your local Walmart, that could be bad news for Nutella, which has dominated the hazelnut spread scene for so long. Who wouldn’t want to try spreadable coffee, especially when it comes from one of America’s most beloved doughnut chains?

Spreadable coffee isn’t actually a new idea, though: Earlier this year, a Japanese brand created “coffee butter,” which supposedly contained caffeine in addition to tasking like coffee. 

The Krispy Kreme coffee spread will be in good company among other unexpected spreads if it does come out: Last year, the English candy company Mars launched a spreadable version of Twix – complete with caramel and cookie pieces.

This is already a good reason to love Krispy Kreme, but if you need another one, more good news from the company came out today: They’ll be giving out free doughnuts on June 2, National Doughnut Day – and even better than the similar Dunkin’ Donuts promotion, they’ll give one to every customer who walks through the door, no other purchase necessary. They’re just hoping customers who take advantage of the free treats will take part in the #youdoyou campaign on your social media channels, by expressing themselves with doughnuts.

Until we know where and when exactly you can pick up your very own tub of Krispy Kreme coffee spread, you’ll just have to enjoy their signature doughnuts, which shouldn’t be too hard. Better yet, try out their doughnut-flavored candy, because there’s really no end to the goodness when it comes to Krispy Kreme.