By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 30, 2016
You down with M.O.D.?
| Credit: © Macall B. Polay

If you're still mourning the loss of Game of Thrones from your Sunday routine after the season finale earlier this week (only two seasons to go!) maybe you can find some solace in a super awesome GoT-inspired cocktail. Inspired by the "Ice and Fire" part of the book series title, A Song of Ice and Fire, Cocktail Chemistry brings us this crazy cocktail, which combines a frozen ball of ice, filled with a drink that is literally on fire. Basically, this insane cocktail looks as magical as anything out of any fantasy series. Of course, this impressive creation isn't something you could whip up in a college dorm with a can of soda and a $5 bottle of booze. You're going to need time, focus, and probably some experience with mixology for this one. Oh, and you'll also need the hardware. You're going to need an ice ball mold, a syringe, a tempered glass (to reduce the chance it'll shatter to pieces when you light your ice-cold creation on fire), a long bamboo pick to serve as the spit on which you skewer your ball of ice, some super high proof alcohol (Cocktail Chemistry used a 151-proof rum), something pointy and metal (a paper clip will do), and, obviously, matches.

Once you're all set up, it's time to get started on your ball of ice. Fill the mold and freeze it for two and a half hours, flipping the mold upside down halfway through. Now you've got a shell of ice filled with water. Remove the water with a syringe to empty the ball. Using your pointy metal object, poke two holes across the ice ball and slide your pick through. Stick all that back in the freezer. Now you're going to make a Havana:

Dark rum

Lime juice


Simple Syrup

Orange Juice

Orange bitters

Shake it until it gets way cold, so that it doesn't melt your little ice globe. Pour the 151 into the tempered glass and inject the Havana into the ice ball, filling the ball all the way. Now for the fun part: light the rum and place the cocktail ball on top. The ball will melt, of course, filling the glass with your drink and putting out the flame.