Mountain Dew Is Releasing an Official Cookbook with Plenty of Green-Hued Recipes

‘The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes’ offers up nearly 40 different Dew dishes.

Mountain Dew is often described as having a “cult following,” but the soda brand may be more mainstream than you realize. In 2018, investing site The Motley Fool pegged Mountain Dew as the fourth best-selling soda brand in the U.S., behind only Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Diet Coke (and, to hammer it home, ahead of Dr Pepper, Sprite, and Diet Pepsi.) So a more apt description is that the tip of the MTN DEW fan base is truly diehard—like, maybe they enjoy the soda so much, they’d be happy to infuse it into all of their meals. Now, Mountain Dew is giving them that chance.

Official Mtn Dew Cookbook

In celebration of their 80th birthday, Mountain Dew is releasing its first-ever cookbook: The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes. Billed as “a compilation of fan-made, fan-inspired, and fan-favorited creations from some of the most imaginative culinary minds on the planet,” the 96-page tome has nearly 40 recipes “ranging from the quick and easy two-ingredient cupcake treats, to the advanced Code Red Brisket that will entice any BBQ pitmaster.”

Official Mtn Dew Cookbook

The six chapters of recipes include “Bada$$ Breakfasts,” “Dippin’ with Dew,” “Dew Does Dinner,” “Satisfying Sides,” “Dang Good Desserts,” and “Liquid Legends”—resulting in everything from grilled cheese to Dew-infused pickles, holiday recipes and far more legit MTN DEW cocktails than most people are probably used to making. There’s even a cross-brand PepsiCo collab with Cheetos for some Flamin’ Hot-crusted mozzarella bites. And yes, plenty of the dishes come in a delightful green hue.

“The relationship between MTN DEW and our fandom is the most exciting partnership, and we’ve continued to draw inspiration from these amazing people and to try to pay back the love they show us every single day,” Nicole Portwood, the brand’s vice president, marketing, said in the announcement. “Our fans have been creating delicious, outrageous, and genuinely mind-blowing recipes with MTN DEW for years. In many ways, this is the long-overdue love letter to those beautiful edible creations and the people behind them. We’re honored to share these recipes with the world in our first-ever curated cookbook!”

The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes is set to debut in the newly-launched DEW Store starting the week of November 16 for a limited time only with a suggested retail price of $30. (Since it’s selling in Mountain Dew’s own store, hopefully they will respect their own suggestion!) The brand also suggests joining DEW Nation HG to get advance notice of when the book hits the store if you’re worried it could sell out.

And once you’ve secured your copy, the brand is encouraging diehards to share their attempts at recreating these recipes with the hashtag #MTNDEWCookbook and tagging @mountaindew. The best pics will have the chance to be featured on Mountain Dew’s Instagram page.

Fame. Glory. Mountain Dew in your dinner. What more could you ask for?

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