"Snaggletooth" goes on sale in mid May.

Motorhead Snaggletooth Cider
Credit: © Ross Woodhall

Even beyond the grave, Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister continues to kick ass—and keep the Motörhead merchandise moving. Only months after the legendary frontman died from cancer, in December, his band is releasing a 5.5 percent A.B.V. cider. Named Snaggletooth—their mascot and also one of their song titles—the "sweetened dry British apple cider" is made with a blend of apples including Dabinet (English), Michelin (French), and other varieties, and will be distributed by Global Brews. Six-packs of 500ml bottles cost £15 ($22) and will be available starting May 16.


This is not the British rock band's first foray into the land of beer, wine and spirits. Motörhead has previously released a lager, an imperial craft lager, a shiraz, a shiraz rosé, a Swedish single-malt whisky and a vodka.

Lemmy, another revered musician who didn't need a last name, was so famous for drinking Jack Daniel's and Coke that his fans launched a petition on Change.com to rename the "Jack Daniels and Coke" to "A Lemmy." Only 4,500 people have signed so far; the target is 50,000 signatures.

In addition to the cider, the band on June 10 will release a new CD/DVD—"Clean Your Clock"—recorded and filmed last November in Munich, Germany. A video of one track, "Bomber," can be seen on Youtube.

Does Lemmy have even more products up his sleeve? A careful reading of the opening lyrics to Snaggletooth suggest it's a strong possibility: "Thought I was done for now, well here's a big surprise. 'Cos I keep coming back, I can't be exorcised."

Fans can buy the cider (described as "kick ass" by the band) here.