By Carey Jones
Updated March 07, 2014
The spread at Restaurant Stanley in New Orleans.
| Credit: © Carey Jones

Where: Restaurant Stanley, New Orleans

What: New Orleans is an easy place to acquire a hangover and an excellent place to cure one. At chef Scott Boswell's upscale Jackson Square diner, the namesake Eggs Stanley will fix anything that ails you. The Benedict riff starts with the classic English muffin, Canadian bacon and poached eggs...with two key additions.

Secret ingredient: Cornmeal-crusted oysters make this dish distinctly New Orleans—it's a sin to visit the Crescent City without downing at least a few Gulf oysters—and the mollusks allegedly increase blood flow. That's why oysters are considered an aphrodisiac and what helps them knock out a hangover, too.

Next-level ketchup: Creole-spiced Hollandaise.

Tip: The diner also makes superb pancakes. They’re delicious plain, with bananas and toasted walnuts, or pushed fully into dessert with vanilla ice cream and Louisiana cane syrup.

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