These unique stores might be just the spot for a Valentine's Day coffee date.

Sure, Valentine's Day is for lovers, but what about lovers who also love lattes? If your romantic plans for February 14 already include sipping a pink Frappuccino or special V-day Cherry Mocha at Starbucks, you may be inclined to change things up from your usual coffee shop around the corner to make the day a little more special. And if you happen to be in or near any of the eight cities below, you and your date will find that some Starbucks stores are ideal for a date night (or morning, whatever the case may be). According to information provided by the brand itself, here are eight of the most romantic Starbucks locations around the world:

China — Guangzhou

Credit: Starbucks

This Starbucks in Guangzhou has three stories — one of which is dedicated to actually making your coffee and one just for “connecting and relaxing.” Because nothing ruins a romantic mood quite like a sound of steaming milk.

Curacao — Willemstad

Credit: Starbucks

If sand and surf are your idea of romance, this rounded building offers a 360-view of the beach.

Czech Republic — Prague Castle

Credit: Starbucks

On your way in or out of this historic and ancient castle, you can stop by the adjacent Starbucks for a panoramic terrace view of the “red-tiled roofs and green domes of the city below.”

France — Boulevard des Capucines

Credit: Starbucks

The 17th-century building that houses this Starbucks features 19th-century ceiling murals and close proximity to the Opéra Garnier. Plus, you know, being in Paris can’t hurt the romance factor.

Mexico — Prado Norte CDMX

Credit: Starbucks

The grand staircase and fountain leading into his Spanish-style store making a stunning visual impression as they lead you into a store adorned with tile murals, wood accents, and comfy low-slung chairs.

Morocco — Villa Casablanca

Credit: Starbucks

According to Starbucks, “this location combines modernist design with Moroccan and French influences” and features a “canopied banquet-lounge” area and “European alfresco style” seating with bubbling fountains and palm trees providing even more atmosphere.

Turkey — Kadiköy

Credit: Starbucks

With a rooftop deck overlooking Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait, this location is perfect for watching the ferries go back and forth. Starbucks says this store “takes inspiration from the aesthetic of the boats and the ferry buildings, with local marble, brass details, terrazzo flooring and a teak-like iroko wood.”

United States — Reserve Roastery New York

Credit: Starbucks

While currently the largest Starbucks location in the United States, New York’s Reserve Roastery hosts a few intimate spaces depending on your drinking preferences, from the single-cup brewing bar downstairs to the Arriviamo bar upstairs which serves coffee and tea as ingredients in its cocktails. Yes, this is one Starbucks you can actually hit for (hard) drinks.