By Carey Jones
Updated October 01, 2015
Courtesy of Ox & Son

Duck confit—slow-cooked, fatty and indulgent—could make for an unbelievable sandwich. But chicken-fried duck confit? That's the work of a madman, or an evil genius. We had to learn more.

"I knew I wanted to have something 'chicken fried' on the menu," says chef Brad Miller of Ox & Son in Santa Monica. "It reminds me of the Midwest, and I’m originally from a suburb of Chicago." The highbrow-lowbrow idea appealed to him. "And honestly, everybody loves chicken fried anything."

The bread: Chef Miller reportedly tasted 22 different buns before landing on a Portuguese bun, soft and substantial but not quite as rich as a brioche.

The filling: Duck legs, cured overnight, then cooked in duck fat for six hours (that's the confit). That's breaded in egg and seasoned flour, then deep-fried up. It's served with pickled vegetables and chili crab sauce—a chili and fish sauce-based concoction that Chef has used to make chili crab for years. Oh, and it comes with fries, of course.