Influenster polled more than 14,000 women to find out what they drink during football games. 

By now, no one should be shocked to learn that women love football just as much as men. Now that we've got that out of the way, football season is in full swing, which means that families, couples, and friends are probably spending their Sunday afternoons and evenings in sports bars and in their living rooms, on the edge of their seats, saying a silent prayer for a win for their favorite team—and there’s usually a drink involved.

Influenster decided to survey 14,397 women in the U.S. who say that they enjoy football to find out their game day drink of choice. Of those, one third identified as “superfans,” who plan to catch all 16 of their team’s games during the regular season. It was almost an even split between women who plan to watch the game at a bar and those who will watch at home, 54 percent and 48 percent respectively. Here’s the good part: Most women eat chips and dip while watching the game, and drink beer and soda, although 45 percent also said that they indulge in a cocktail during the game.

In case you’re curious, Influenster also managed to figure out the most popular brands of liquor for each team, at least according to the women who watch the NFL. The survey provided respondents with a list of nine popular brands of liquor, taken from their product reviews platform, including Malibu, Tito's, and Captain Morgan, and asked them to identify their favorite NFL team and their preferred liquor.

Malibu appeared on the list seven times (perhaps because it’s a popular mixer) for teams like the Denver Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals, while Tito's vodka appeared six times. Crown Royal and Jack Daniels each appeared on the list three times, for teams like the Houston Texans and the Tennessee Titans, respectively. Patrón tequila only made the list twice—for the Los Angeles Rams and the Oakland Raiders—whose fans must really know how to throw a party. Here’s the full breakdown of the most popular brands of liquor among the NFL’s female fans:

nfl liquor brands popularity
Credit: Courtesy of Influenster