Credit: © Cultura RM Exclusive/Frank and Helena

School is back in session at college campuses all over the country. That means America’s youth is going to once again take to the task of bettering itself academically and also that it will collectively stagger out of parties looking for something to soak up whatever college-related imbibing it just finished. And the folks at Foursquare have dug through the data to figure out where exactly everyone is going to meet their late night eating needs.

Lots of us check-in different places using Foursquare’s Swarm app, but that doesn’t really give the full picture of all the greasy spoons we’re visiting. The location intelligence company also relied on the background data it gathered from 17-25 year olds at 58 schools around the country to fill out the lists. Whenever someone stopped at a restaurant for more than 5 minutes their phone would ping it as a visit to that location. The results are a lot of what you would expect. Pizza and burritos dominate the lists of most of the cities. The other thing Foursquare learned? Kids are hitting chain restaurants. Sorry University of Colorado students, you can't pretend you aren't hitting IHOP for a Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N' Fruity breakfast just like everyone else. The numbers don't lie. There were also plenty of Dunkin' Donuts, Taco Bells and Qdobas amongst the local pizzerias and diners.

Check out the interactive map to see where everyone is eating at your alma matter.