Candy Store put together a list of the most beloved jellybean flavors, and the results might surprise you.
Jelly beans flavors by state
Credit: Getty Images

Easter is supposed to be a celebration of spring, blooming flowers, and warmer weather. It’s also a holiday known—like Halloween—for being all about the candy, in particular jellybeans and chocolate. When you were little, if the Easter Bunny arrived at your house—or so your parents told you—and hid eggs all over the backyard, you may have found them filled with jellybeans (or loose change, if you were lucky). Of course, there was never any guarantee you were going to get the flavors you liked—and everyone has a favorite.

Candy Store put together a map of the most popular jellybeans in every state, and there are a couple flavors on the list that might shock you. For instance, buttered popcorn is the number one preferred jellybean flavor across the board, while black licorice came in second place. Rounding out the top five flavors are cinnamon, watermelon, and cherry.

In California, Texas, Connecticut, and Michigan, among other states, most people go straight for the popcorn jellybean. In Colorado, North Dakota, and North Carolina, black licorice is the preferred flavor. Only one state—Montana—picked cotton candy as their favorite jellybean flavor. There was one more outlier in Massachusetts, where coconut is the favored jellybean flavor. You can find the full map here to find out what flavor your state prefers.

Usually, bags of jellybeans are a hodge podge of both weird and mouthwatering flavors, and sometimes you can’t predict if you’re going to love or hate a flavor when you pop it in your mouth. I know I wasted plenty of precious time picking through handfuls of jellybeans on Easter, just to find the pink varieties (my personal favorite flavor is bubblegum, which comes low on the list, at number 14).

Now that you’re grown up, hopefully you don’t have to rely on the generosity of your parents to pack your Easter eggs with the best jellybean flavors. You can just go the store and buy your own.