People loved to have their poke, avocado toast, and Acai bowls delivered this year. 
grubhub data
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

Now that the year is nearing its end, it’s time to admit the truth about what you ate in 2017. I’ll start: In 2017, I ordered as much food from Grubhub as I cooked. I did it on Sunday mornings after a night out with friends. I did it the many weeknights I felt exhausted this year and couldn’t even fathom breaking out a pan or turning on the oven. I did it late at night, and I did in the middle of the afternoon while still wearing my pajamas. I am not ashamed. I’m guessing lots of other people did exactly the same thing. What did we—the legions of too-hung-over-or-lazy-to-cook—order? Well, personally I probably ordered egg and cheese sandwiches on a waffle most often, but if you're curious about what the rest of the country ordered, GrubHub revealed the answer to that question and more today.

Confirming that poke was one of the trendiest foods of the year, GrubHub saw a 643 percent rise in popularity of this order. Avocado toast—a food that caused much derision this year; some speculated this simple dish could behind the fact that millennials are broke—was the third most popular order on GrubHub this year, right behind soft pretzels. Chips and queso also proved a popular order this year, while acai bowls rounded out the top five most popular orders. There was one meal that might be an unexpected addition to the list—snow crab legs, which came in at number 12 on the list. You can find the full list here.

GrubHub also broke down the most popular orders by city. In New York, for instance, spicy miso ramen was the most-ordered meal, while in San Diego, the most popular order was shrimp tacos. In Washington D.C., people most commonly ordered pho.

The food delivery service also decided to try its hand at forecasting which dishes will be most popular in 2018. GrubHub's predictions include some incredibly specific dishes, including roasted cauliflower, kimchi fries, and brick-pressed chicken. Regardless of whether or not you stick to these trends, I have no doubt GrubHub will be just as popular in your house (and mine) in 2018 as it was in 2017.