The Most Popular Cereal in Every State, According to Google

You'll never guess which old-turned-new favorite topped the list.

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It's been a big (read: sugary, sparkly, and Instagrammable) year in the world of cereal. Kellogg's brought Unicorn Froot Loops to the U.S. after the "magic cupcake" flavored morsels received high praise in the U.K. Post came out with breakfast versions of two classic Nabisco cookies, Chips Ahoy! Cereal and Nutter Butter Cereal. And General Mills decided to bring back old school Trix after a year of backlash from fans. So, on this National Cereal Day – when there are more choices in the breakfast food aisle than ever before – we decided to take a look at the brands and flavors Americans like best, and we turned to Google Trends for the job.

According to Google searches in the last 12 months, Americans have been, ahem, all over the map when it comes to their cereal of choice. The most popular brands by state include some obvious choices, like Kix, as well as some head-turners. (Arkansas, we're looking at you.) There are the throwbacks — Count Chocula — and also the timeless classics, like Life. Perhaps the most surprising part of the data, though, is the cereals that aren't listed. Like Frosted Flakes (come on America, they're gr-r-reat!), Cheerios and Rice Krispies.

Oreo O's, which recently returned to grocery stores after a 10-year hiatus, topped the popularity list with 14 states: Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The bottom of the lineup, made up of cereals that are heavily searched only in one state, includes classics like Captain Crunch and Raisin Bran.

Here is the full list:

Alabama: Honeycomb

Alaska: Oreo O's

Arizona: Oreo O's

Arkansas: King Vitamin

California: Life

Colorado: Life

Connecticut: Life

Delaware: Trix

Washington DC: Life

Florida: Oreo O's

Georgia: Trix

Hawaii: Oreo O's

Idaho: Captain Crunch

Illinois: Oreo O's

Indiana: Oreo O's

Iowa: Kix

Kansas: Life

Kentucky: Trix

Louisiana: King Vitamin

Maine: Special K

Maryland: Honeycomb

Massachusetts: Special K

Michigan: Oreo O's

Minnesota: Life

Mississippi: Special K

Missouri: Life

Montana: Count Chocula

Nebraska: Life

Nevada: Oreo O's

New Hampshire: Kix

New Jersey: Oreo O's

New Mexico: Special K

New York: Oreo O's

North Carolina: Oreo O's

North Dakota: Kashi

Ohio: Oreo O's

Oklahoma: Trix

Oregon: Life

Pennsylvania: Oreo O's

Rhode Island: Honeycomb

South Carolina: Pops

South Dakota: Raisin Bran

Tennessee: Honeycomb

Texas: Oreo O's

Utah: Life

Vermont: Kix

Virginia: Trix

Washington: Life

West Virginia: Honeycomb

Wisconsin: Trix

Wyoming: All Bran

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