A chocolate brand, a cereal brand, and three fast food chains made the list.


Analysts are always looking for different ways to evaluate brands. The results are lists like which restaurant chains have the most “loyal” diners or which grocery store brands offer the highest level of “customer satisfaction.” Along those lines, the research company Morning Consult has just released its list of “Most Loved Brands in America” with its own unique methodology and, hopefully, some new insight into American consumers.

For our Food & Wine purposes, five food brands made the top 25 list. (Sadly, no wine brands did.) However, before we dive into that list, it might be helpful to know what “loved” actually means. Morning Consult explains, “Between 1,000 and 56,000 adults rated each of the over 1,900 companies from January through February 2019.” These online surveys specifically looked at four factors: Whether customers had a favorable opinion of the brands, whether they trusted the brand “to do the right thing,” whether they thought the brand had a “positive impact on their local community,” and whether they would promote the brand to others. To what extent this equals “love” is certainly up for debate (you can love your spouse even if they don’t have a positive impact on the local community), but now you have a better sense of what was being considered.

With that in mind, the top food brand on the list, ranking #7, was Hershey’s. Cheerios finished 10th, Subway finished 19th, Dairy Queen finished 22nd, and Chick-fil-A finished 24th.

Frankly, of all the brands in the country, these five seem like a random splattering. Certainly, Hershey’s, Cheerios, and maybe even Dairy Queen conjure up some childhood nostalgia that may boost their score, but why they prevailed over other brands feels like a bit of a mystery. And speaking of mysteries, it’s not surprising that Chick-fil-A, which is known to have a cult following (despite its controversies), made the list, but how on earth did Subway, a brand that’s been going through some tough times recently, finish above them?

Credit: NoDerog/Getty Images

Regardless, America is a large and diverse place, and in the end, I guess you have to take Morning Consult’s findings for what they are, even if it doesn’t quite fit your perspective. For the curious, here’s the list of the entire top 25…

  1. Amazon
  2. Google
  3. Netflix
  4. UPS
  5. Home Depot
  6. USPS
  7. Hershey’s
  8. FedEx
  9. Dollar Tree
  10. Cheerios
  11. Lowes
  12. Samsung
  13. Tide
  14. YouTube
  15. Target
  16. Weather Channel
  17. Dove
  18. Walmart
  19. Subway
  20. Walgreens
  21. PayPal
  22. Dairy Queen
  23. Walt Disney
  24. Chick-fil-A
  25. Colgate