The Pure H2O Co., Quatreau, Faucet, Sink
Credit: © The Pure H2O Co.

Your sink is one item in your kitchen you probably take for granted. It's there. It spits out water and you probably don't give it a second thought. But here's one you'll actually want to show off to people when they come over for dinner. The new Quatreau faucet, with its many different water options and touchscreen control system, will make for the smartest sink you've ever experienced. Just pick your choice of water from the touchscreen—boiling hot, chilled, sparkling, or whatever custom temperature you set on the thermostat—and you're good to go. Available in both filtered and pure water, this faucet is pretty much the jack of all faucet-related trades.

The instant boiling water is ready to go at a touch of the button, which—warning—may embarrass your kettle. So your instant ramen just became even more instant. The sparkling water option, also instant and requires no additional parts, may render your SodaStream kind of obsolete.

The chilled water option is perfect to use when rinsing heat-sensitive produce. The fourth option, the thermostatically temperature controlled water, can be pretty much whatever you want it to be. You can set it to your perfect hand washing temperature, and you can double tap the button for cold drinking water.

Okay, so there is one itty bitty totally huge catch. The faucet costs a whopping £2,999, which, even in a post-Brexit economy, is way more money than a faucet should reasonably cost. Right now it comes out to about $3,950. And that's even before you include the cost of installing the faucet in your sink. So unless you're, like, Daddy Warbucks or Tony Stark or something, you may want to hang onto that SodaStream a little longer.