The 10 Most Googled Recipes Since Stay-at-Home Orders Began

Number one is no surprise.

Stay-at-home orders have meant different things for different people. For some, being governmentally-required to remain within plopping distance of your couch is the perfect excuse to binge-watch TV and order delivery from every open restaurant in your area (or, at the bare minimum, fire up a Hot Pocket). For others, axing dining-out options has made more space for cooking – whether it’s simply taking the time to throw together pantry-friendly meals or picking up an entirely new culinary hobby like sourdough bread-baking.

If you are investing your free time in cooking, it’s also likely you’ve been on the search for new recipes. According to Google Trends, searches for recipes in general have trended up since March. (As an interesting side note, Sunday appears to be Americans' biggest recipe day: Interest in the topic spikes on Google every Sunday with the regularity of a heartbeat.) And the tech giant is also tracking which recipes have been the most searched-for during this coronavirus pandemic.

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So what kind of recipes is the world most interested in right now? Banana bread, first and foremost. (No surprise there.) Google Trends released this list of the top ten recipe-related searches worldwide since March 1, according to CNBC, and luckily, by landing here, you can forego Google entirely—we’ve linked some of our favorite iterations of these dishes below.

1. Banana bread recipe

2. Pancake recipe

3. Chicken recipes

4. Pizza dough recipe

5. Brownie recipe

6. “Recette crepe” (“crepe recipe” in French)

7. Meatloaf recipe

8. French toast recipe

9. Lasagna recipe

10. Cheesecake recipe

Granted, some of those topics are pretty broad, so once you’ve called it quits in the kitchen for the day, here’s another way to kill some spare time: You can go over to Google Trends and play with the data yourself to seek out more specific ideas – including looking at which recipes have seen the biggest bumps. For instance, over the past week, “ikea meatball recipe” has been the top “rising” recipe search in America. Don’t worry: We got that one for you, too.

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