Credit: Petrossian West Hollywood © 2015

We thought that a cheese-laden, béchamel-smothered croque madame was as indulgent as a sandwich would ever need to be, but caviar in a croque madame? Don't mind if we do.

This beauty is from the caviar gurus at Petrossian West Hollywood. Their Papierusse is a sheet of pressed caviar, created through the magic of sous vide, which gives you a perfect layer of the decadent little eggs, whether on canapés, with seafood or, why the hell not, a caviar sandwich, created by exec chef Giselle Wellman.

The bread: The croque is built on a base of rich, buttery brioche.

The filling: Wellman layers the brioche with that caviar, which is joined by melted Comté cheese, silky béchamel and a sunny-side-up egg. It's hard to improve upon the combination of runny egg yolk and caviar, and, thankfully, there's ample brioche to soak it up.