At first I didn’t notice the orange Scion parked next to Kogi's Korean-taco truck off Brand Avenue in Glendale, CA. But then Kogi co-owner Roy Choi began flipping switches (or maybe it was turning a key—it was late; I couldn't see) on the dashboard, activating the Scion's Kogi xD mobile kitchen. The back doors began to open, revealing a tiny fridge (left side) and a little sink (right). Then the industrial grill slid out in slow motion. The Bose sound system (blasting T.I. the night I was there) was above it; eventually there will also be a TV and cameras for cooking demos. Choi has even more plans for the mobile kitchen, which he'll officially roll out after it appears in auto shows in late February (at about the same time he's launching his first official Kogi restaurant): “The food from mobile kitchen will be free. A Thank You to the community. Sometimes, maybe an amuse bouche [small appetizer] for the crowd at the Kogi truck—to say thanks for waiting on those lines.”