These dishes, each serving four, can share the coals with the main course.

Mixed Grilled Shellfish Cook the shellfish while the fire is very hot and serve as an appetizer. Scrub 16 oysters, 16 littleneck clams and 16 debearded mussels. Arrange the shellfish on the grill, oysters deep-shell down so the juices won't spill out. Cover and cook just until the shells open, about 2 minutes for the mussels and 5 minutes for the clams and oysters. Remove the shellfish from the grill as they open. Serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or with melted butter.

Potatoes Cooked in the Coals Use 1 1/2 pounds small red potatoes; cut them in half if they're bigger than 1 inch across. Divide the potatoes between 2 large doubled sheets of heavy-duty foil. Drizzle each batch of potatoes with 2 teaspoons of olive oil and sprinkle each with 1 tablespoon of minced rosemary, 1 minced garlic clove, salt and freshly ground pepper; seal the packets. Spread out the coals--they should be medium hot--and set the packets on top. Cook the potatoes for about 25 minutes, or until tender when pierced with a knife; serve hot.

Grilled Radicchio Cut 2 heads of radicchio into 6 wedges each, season with salt and freshly ground pepper and toss with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Arrange on a grill overa medium-hot fire and cook for about 3 minutes per side, or until wilted. Remove from the grill, drizzle with red wine vinegar and a little more olive oil and serve.

Grilled Strawberries Dust 24 whole strawberries with confectioners' sugar and thread them onto skewers. Wipe off the grill, then cook the berries over a medium-hot fire for about 3 minutes per side, or until they are slightly browned and warmed through. Slice the berries and serve over vanilla ice cream.