The limited release comes in a range of bottle sizes with labels featuring signatures of three living U.S. astronauts who walked on the Moon.
moonwalker wine
Credit: Courtesy of Cosmosphere

Is your love out of this world? Do you really want to shoot for the moon with your gift this Valentine’s Day? Then a new wine that pays tribute to U.S. moon-exploration may be what you’re looking for.

If you’re a lover of the galaxy, you probably already got your hands on the now sold-out Space Tea, which was derived from a compound astronomers discovered floating around our universe nearly a decade ago. While that tea, which aimed to evoke “the unique sweet smell spacewalking astronauts have noted upon their return to the International Space Station,” was a good way to warm up by yourself, this new Apollo-inspired wine from Cosmosphere and Holman Cellars might help make your Valentine’s Day a real galactic event for you and your special someone.

Scientists, space enthusiasts and star-gazers alike can now get their hands on “Moonwalker,” a 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon made from a barrel donated exclusively by the family-run Napa Valley micro-winery Holman Cellars. Like many things in and inspired by space (such as this Moonshot Gin), some bottles of “Moonwalker” are literally the only ones like it in the galaxy. Covered in a beautiful script label, the limited release can be purchased signed by three of the five living U.S. astronauts who walked on the moon. To make the release even more special, a portion of the profits made will be donated back to the Cosmosphere International Science Education Center and Space Museum in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Available in the standard 750 ml bottle, you can also buy it in 1.5, 3, 6, and 9 liter bottles that feature the signatures of Apollo 16’s Charlie Duke and Apollo 12’s Alan Bean. Bottles with digitized or engraved signatures by both Duke and Bean, as well as Apollo 16 member Charlie Duke are also for sale. While the entire release is extremely limited, some bottle sizes are more exclusive than others. The price for Moonwalker ranges from $120 to $1,490, though the only 9-liter available has already sold out.

If you want your own taste of American space history you can find the special release, including all prices and availabilities, on The Holman Cellars website. There are limited allocations of several bottles—which can be picked up or delivered—and sales are first come, first served.