The popular food blogger and award-winning cookbook author opens up about her forthcoming series, "Girl Meets Farm."
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Molly Yeh
Credit: Courtesy of Food Network

The blog-to-television pipeline isn't a traditional path to food world stardom, but then again, Molly Yeh's journey has hardly been traditional. The writer behind the successful food blog My Name Is Yeh and the IACP award-winning cookbook Molly on the Range, Yeh has carved her own distinct path in food media, leaving Brooklyn for a farm on the North Dakota-Minnesota border, where she gained a devoted following for her excellent recipes showcasing her Jewish and Chinese roots. (She also published a wonderful book on yogurt this year, FYI.) Now, she's landed a seven-eipsode Food Network series "Girl Meets Farm," which debuts Sunday, June 24th at 11 a.m. ET/PT.

We caught up with Yeh about her upcoming show, advice to new food bloggers, and what it's like to transition from xylophone to baked goods.

Ten years ago, could you have imagined this show happening?

Ten years ago I was in my first year at Juilliard preparing to take my first orchestra auditions. It was all xylophone all day! I quickly learned after that though that being in an orchestra wasn't my ultimate goal, and I also started my blog. That was the very early days of thinking that maybe my love of food and cooking and keeping a diary could become a job and since then I've just thrown myself into that.

Any dishes you're especially excited to make?

Yes! For my sister-in-law Anna’s baby shower, we make a buffet of fish tacos with crunchy cabbage slaw and cilantro dressing, pigs in a blanket with harissa ketchup and honey mustard and meatball sliders. I'm also really excited to debut my garlic and onion challah, dark chocolate scone loaf with marzipan and scallion pancakes with maple carrot slaw.

Who's your favorite Food Network personality right now?

I love the hosts of The Kitchen! They are so awesome. Katie Lee has the best style, Jeff's Chicago accent makes me feel right at home, GZ is effortlessly cool, Sunny has such great energy ... they just all seem so chill and totally genuinely themselves, and they're great at teaching.

What advice would you give to new food bloggers?

Blog about things that you are uniquely qualified to blog about and that tell a story, or that you feel like you really have something to say about, or that will advance the world of cake/cookies/whatever recipe you're working on. Nurture relationships with other bloggers. And only do it because you love it!

What has been the most interesting part of the filming process?

Learning the choreography with the cameras, like when to pause before sprinkling in the salt so there can be a closeup shot of that or when to say something to the camera and have it be in focus, and also infuse the kind of energy into the words that would come if there weren't any pauses between actions.