The multi-volume, deep dive into deep dish won’t be released for at least a year.
The Secret to Making Any Delivery Pizza Better Than Ever
Credit: Giulia Verdinelli/EyeEm/Getty Images

With their exhaustive, multi-volume books Modernist Cuisine and Modernist Bread, Nathan Myhrvold and his team have already proven that they prefer to leave no stone unturned—and now, that includes pizza stones. This week, the Modernist Cuisine team announced that their next cookbook project will be Modernist Pizza.

Billed as “the most comprehensive pizza cookbook to date,” Modernist Pizza has its origins in one of the team’s previous books. “We cut more than 400 pages out of Modernist Bread,” Myhrvold told Eater. “We realized pretty quickly we had a lot more to say about pizza than a bread book could contain.”

That’s not to imply this book will be a throwaway; instead, it speaks to pizza’s diversity. “All of these styles, all of the pizzaiolos practicing their craft today, they’re all making pizza but they disagree on how to make it,” Myhrvold continued, “so we’re going to try them all and see what’s actually the truth, what works and what doesn’t and why.”

Though it’s unlikely to be six-volumes long like its bread-focused forebear, Modernist Pizza is already slated to span multiple volumes and include both traditional and innovative recipes for pizzas found around the globe. “The book, currently in its early stages, will explore topics like the science, history, equipment, techniques, and the people who have made pizza so beloved,” a press release states.

Of course, amazing photography is one of Modernist Cuisine’s signatures, and this book will be no exception. Yesterday, the team unveiled 20 new photographs at project’s unveiling, which was held at the Modernist Cuisine Gallery in Las Vegas as part of this year’s International Pizza Expo. Those snapshots, which “depict pizza in new and untraditional ways,” according to the release, are already available for sale at the gallery.

Modernist Pizza has no set publication date, and authors Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya are even still soliciting tips for the tome on the Modernist Cuisine website. A representative told Eater that the book won’t be out for at least a year. Whatever happened to the good old days of “30 minutes or its free?”