Utz White Cheddar Cheeseball Baseballs are available for a limited time.
Credit: Utz

Baseball is known as “America’s pastime.” And though eating the cheese-dusted, spherical corn puffs known as “cheeseballs” doesn’t have any sort of similar nickname, most of us would probably admit that eating them is pretty damn American as well. Now, the two have come together in one of the most unnecessary ways possible: The snack brand Utz has announced their new, officially-sponsored White Cheddar Cheeseball Baseballs—part of a deal with Major League Baseball.

So just how does a regular cheeseball become an official MLB Cheeseball? Well, since these cheeseballs are made with white cheddar, they have a somewhat similar color to a baseball – but don’t expect any red detailing to mimic a baseball’s seam: You definitely wouldn’t guess that these cheese puffs were baseball-themed if you saw them sitting out in a bowl. However, the new snack does come in a “limited edition bag” that highlights all 30 MLB clubs. Like the Yankees? Yup, their logo is on the bag! Hate the Red Sox? Bad news. Their logo is also on the bag. Hey, much like the 162-game baseball season, you can’t win ‘em all.

“Utz is proud to be the Official Salty Snack of Major League Baseball,” Mark Schreiber, EVP & Chief Customer Officer at Utz, said in a statement that’s sure to leave you wondering how many non-salty snacks also have official MLB sponsorships. “Made with real white cheddar cheese and a crunch you can count on, Utz White Cheddar Cheeseball Baseballs are perfect for watching a ballgame or family gatherings.”

If you’re intrigued at the prospect of baseball-themed cheeseballs, you may want to act fast: Utz says these White Cheddar Cheeseball Baseballs will only be around for a limited time. However, though these MLB-sponsored White Cheddar Cheeseballs are new, Utz has previously offered White Cheddar Cheeseballs under the name “Utz Snow Balls.” Talk about the perfect snack for the off-season!