The Lilia chef went on Late Night to school Seth Meyers on meatball technique, and she revealed the name of her forthcoming Italian spot, which will also be in Williamsburg. 
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Missy Robbins and Seth Meyers
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you should stop making meatballs, and one glimpse of Lilia chef Missy Robbins' beautiful meatballs will convince you to turn on your stove, no matter how hot it is. On Thursday night, Robbins stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to demo her meatballs, and we learned a lot about how to bring out the moisture in ground meat.

We also learned about Robbins' next Brooklyn restaurant, which, like Lilia, will also be located in Williamsburg. The spot will be called Misi, which is the Italian version of "Missy." In September 2017, the Post reported that Robbins was scouting a second location that will open by the waterfront. While she didn't reveal an opening date on Late Night, we hope it's ASAP.

But back to meatballs. Below, the three secrets to moist meatballs à la Missy. (The full recipe can be found in her new cookbook, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner...Life.)

So, so, so much onions and garlic.

Robbins, who used a "little fatty" blend of pork and veal, made Meyers throw a massive bowl of chopped and sautéed garlic and onion into the meat mixture. "It makes a very, very, very moist meatball," she said. That's three "very"s!

Bread soaked in milk.

Instead of adding breadcrumbs, Robbins used torn bread soaked in milk for extra moisture.

A wet meatball mixture.

Robbins advocated for a very wet meatball mixture—as you'll notice, she added quite a bit of olive oil, which is not traditional. Meyers quipped that "wet meatball" is his wife's nickname for him. "They don’t call me wet meatball for nothing!”

The chef then cooks the balls for ten minutes in the oven. Next, she pops them in her "30 Clove" sauce (which has 30 cloves of garlic) to simmer on low-heat for 45 minutes.