Missy Robbins' Five Kitchen Essentials

The Lilia chef recommends five of her favorite things to keep around the kitchen.

Missy Robbins Apron
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Chef Missy Robbins has garnered years of acclaim in the restaurant world, both for her time as executive chef at A Voce Madison and A Voce Columbus and at her two Brooklyn restaurants, Lilia and Misi. But for the year she took off in between, she did most of her cooking in her own "tiny" kitchen.

The recipes she created and perfected that year, during which she traveled the world, are now available to try in her cookbook, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner… Life!: Recipes and Adventures from My Home Kitchen ($23 at amazon.com). She stopped by the Food & Wine test kitchen to share some of them in action on Facebook Live, as well as five recommendations for stocking your kitchen, tiny or otherwise:

Vitamix Vita-Prep Blender

Courtesy Amazon

"You don't need a fancy piece of equipment for almost everything in here," Robbins told Food & Wine of the book. But a few recipes, she says, are a bit easier with a Vita-prep mixer.

VitamixVita-Prep 64 Oz Blender, $485 at amazon.com


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The other tool you might not already have, a microplane is great for working with foods like bottarga (though Robbins prefers to zest lemons by hand).

Microplane 40020 Classic, $13 at amazon.com

Fennel Pollen

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"Fennel pollen is a must in my kitchen," says Robbins, who uses it in a wide range of dishes, including her Spinach-and-Prosciutto Ravioli.

Delitaliana Premium Organic Fennel Pollen, $15 at amazon.com

Garlic Powder

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While frowned upon by many chefs, garlic powder is a "secret" in Robbins' kitchen. She uses the powder with fresh garlic for extra garlic depth.

McCormick Garlic Powder, Pack of 6, $36 at amazon.com

Kitchen Apron

Missy Robbins Apron
Courtesy of Tilit

Okay, while she didn't say it was essential, Food & Wine has already talked to Robbins about what sets these kitchen aprons apart, and now you can see it in action throughout the Facebook live stream.

Tilit Wrap Apron, $95 at TilitNYC.com.

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