In a fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget where our food comes from and our connection to the earth. But thanks to visionaries like Chef Kelly Geary, we can still feel our feet planted firmly in the soil. As the founder, owner, and head chef of Sweet Deliverance—her unique, farm-to-table meal delivery service in New York City—Geary is truly growing something greater.

By Food & Wine
Updated March 31, 2015


Seeds of Change

Living in the city, Geary met a lot of people who wanted to eat local, organic, and fresh-grown foods—but who didn’t have time to make it happen on a regular basis. “In starting Sweet Deliverance, we hoped to provide a link between busy city people and their local farmers and food makers,” she says. Geary modeled Sweet Deliverance on the growing trend of community supported agriculture, or CSA. Customers buy a membership share that lets her purchase ingredients in advance from local farmers and food makers—and then Geary transforms the abundance into healthy and delicious chef-made meals, delivered to their door.

Reaping the Best

For backyard gardeners and home cooks, Geary’s work couldn’t be more inspiring. In keeping with her “eat local” ethos, she works with the seasons and the harvests—and plans ahead. “We put up a lot of stuff in the summer,” Geary says. She and her team can tomatoes, cook up hot sauce, and use cabbage to make krauts. They freeze fruit and make jam and pickles—“All so we can still enjoy some of those fruits and veggies in the off season.” Naturally, we can do the same things in our own gardens and kitchens. Miracle-Gro® soils, plant foods, and other products can help us reap even more of the garden’s bounty, so we can transform it into beautiful, wholesome meals for the table.

Food for Thought

At its root, Geary’s story is about the power of the garden to nourish our bodies, our communities, and the environment. “When we eat local and organic, everybody wins,” she says. “You win because your food tastes better and has more nutrients. The farmers win. The economy wins. The Earth wins.” Taking it one step further, we can deepen our connection to the land by digging our own hands into the soil. Whether we live in the country, suburbs, or city, we can build edible community gardens—“so kids know there’s an alternative to chips and soda,” says Geary. With groundbreaking ideas like that, the opportunities just keep on growing.

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