Twisted or puffy, tall or squat, the international assortment of glasses and decanters at Clo wine bar in New York City are a beautiful break from tradition.
Mind-Blowing Glass Designs

In the middle of Manhattan’s bustling Time Warner Center, Clo wine bar is as much a place to try exciting wines as it is a source for buying exceptional glassware. While owner and sommelier Andrew Bradbury is known for spotlighting rising-star winemakers, like Austria’s Heidi Schröck, he and his wife, Brook (they met working at Aureole in Las Vegas), also have a knack for finding up-and-coming glassware designers. “We had zero interest in doing an ordinary wine bar,” Andrew says. “The design elements are what keep it exciting for us.” The bar’s name refers to clos, the French walled vineyard, he explains: “We want that sense of exclusivity, for people to find things here that they won’t get anywhere else.”

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Glass Designs

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