This Beer-Infused Charcoal Promises to Bring the Flavor of Miller Lite to Your BBQ

The coated "Beercoal" is made with an actual Miller Lite reduction.

Miller Lite Beercoal
Photo: Courtesy of Molson Coors

Proponents of charcoal grilling argue that the cooking method infuses more flavor into your barbecue. But it doesn't stop there: Charcoal itself can be infused with flavors that hopefully get imparted to your food. Options range from simple additions like mesquite and applewood to more complicated concoctions like the spice-infused briquets Kingsford launched earlier this year.

Now, with Memorial Day right around the corner, Miller Lite has taken that idea and run with it to a potentially ridiculous extreme: The brand is releasing Miller Lite Beercoal, "the first-ever Miller Lite-infused charcoal" that can turn "Miller Time" into "Griller Time." (Hey, this is why the advertising teams make the big bucks.)

Miller Lite Beercoal
Courtesy of Molson Coors

To make these beery briquets, the original light brand says they start with actual Miller Lite which is reduced down to a concentrate that is then used to coat the charcoal. From there, simply dump the briquets into your standard barbecue and set them aflame. "When burned, this special charcoal releases the taste of Miller Lite wrapping whatever you're grilling in a smokey beer blanket suitable for summer," they write.

"Summer is all about outdoor cookouts and get-togethers, which means plenty of Miller Time," Anne Pando, director of marketing for Miller Lite, stated. "Summer is also beer season, and as a light beer known for great taste, it only made sense to pair Miller Lite with the distinct and beloved flavor grilling offers. We see Miller Lite Beercoal as the perfect way to kick-off a season-long celebration of beer, grilling and hanging out with friends and family."

Four-pound packs of Miller Lite Beercoal go on sale today, May 24, at 4pm ET on for $11.99 plus shipping (which is available nationwide). Miller Lite says the charcoal will only be sold while supplies last, but they also add that they "will offer periodic online product drops through May 27."

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