Millennials Have All the Feels About Coffee

A new study claims that young people are super-concerned about coffee sustainability.

Photo: © James Kerr

How to you choose which coffee to buy? If you're between the ages of 18 and 34, a company called Datassential thinks you listen to your emotions. "The language Millennials use and the attitudes they have indicate that they are deeply connected to coffee on an emotional level," proclaims its newest study, conducted at the behest of a coffee roaster, distributor and industry analyst called S&D Coffee & Tea.

How did they reach this conclusion? They surveyed 904 young people with the aim of discovering how they think about coffee. The primary finding: Millennials care about "sustainability" and "authenticity." Four in ten said that they "would generally think more positively of places that offer coffee with features like local, sustainable, fair-trade certified, single origin, etc." These terms, which the report dubs "elevated needs," apparently strike Datassentials as very touchy-feely. There was no analysis provided of the 60 percent of Millennials who, apparently, don't give a crap about such labels.

Some additional findings: More than 70 percent of respondents were familiar with cold-brew and pour-over coffee. Less than half had heard of specific brewing devices like AeroPress, Chemex and Hario V60, though 70 percent found these words "appealing."

If you're inclined to trust the judgment of coffee-obsessed editors, rather than respond to marketing terms, you might be interested in our list of America's Best Coffee Bars.

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