Unfortunately for now it's only in Japan.
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Credit: © Arielle Cifuentes

Pantone’s color of 2018 might be ultra violet, but millennial pink’s moment is not yet over: Starbucks Japan recently introduced a drink to its menu in the pretty pastel hue.

Called the Pink Medley Tea Latte, the hot drink is made from a Teavana blend called Joyful Medley and steamed milk. According to Popsugar, the color matches the flavors. Joyful Medley is a Jasmine tea fruit-infused concoction that tastes of peach, orange, and apple. To add an extra dose of sweetness, you can even get it with a swirl of chocolate syrup on the bottom.

The Pink Medley Tea Latte sounds like it tastes amazing, but in the age of Instagram, it’s important to note whether or not it looks good, too—and it does. It’s the perfect hue to compliment your contemplative Instagram photos of study sessions or to match with the rest of the pink details in your life—pink nail polish, pink hair, pink dress, pink everything. When spring rolls around, I’m sure you can imagine all the shots you could get of your pink latte nestled among the season’s blooming foliage. It’s enough to make dedicated food-Instagramers weep with envy. Yes, Starbucks needs to bring that millennial pink latte stateside as soon as possible.

To be fair, if you live in the United States, you have your version of the millennial pink Starbucks drink, fittingly called the Pink Drink, which joined the Starbuck permanent menu last year. Unfortunately, the iced Pink Drink is not as winter friendly as the Pink Medley Tea Latte. Still, if you’re looking for that sweet strawberry fix from Starbucks in the winter months, you could always pick one up while wearing your warmest coat.

There is no shortage of rainbow colored, Instagram ready Starbucks drinks in this part of the world—we’ve seen purple and green drinks, an all-white Harry Potter themed butterbeer drink, and even that Frappuccino with red whipped cream that was supposed to look like Zombie brains. Starbucks Japan may have adorable pudding cups and cherry pie Frappuccinos, but the American version isn't struggling to come up with drinks that just beg to be photographed (and sipped, too, of course).