Customers can tally up their milk purchases to earn a virtual gift card.


Some businesses are naturals for loyalty programs. For instance, buy ten sandwiches and the eleventh one is free is a solid way to encourage customers to keep coming back for lunch. But a kitchen staple like milk? Would a rewards program really encourage you to up your milk consumption? The California Milk Processor Board hopes so.

Credit: Vstock LLC/Getty Images

California’s milk marketing board has announced “Moo Money,” a kind of cashback program where customers accrue points anytime they purchase liquid milk. (Sorry, cheeseheads!) These points can later be converted into a Virtual Reward Card that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. If this apparently first-of-its-kind program sounds a bit strange, keep in mind that the California Milk Processor Board is the same group behind the famous “Got milk?” adds, so they have a track record of success on the promotional front.

“For 25 years, we have connected with our consumers in meaningful ways through some of the most iconic ad campaigns,” explained the board’s executive director, Steve James, according to Dairy Reporter. “Now, we are thrilled to be able to give back to all the families in California that recognize that fresh and all-natural dairy milk, the original farm-to-table food, offers great taste and wholesome benefits. We are launching ‘Moo Money’ to thank and reward California families for their loyalty.”

The rewards program is only temporary, slated to run until April 28, but until then, any California resident 18 or over can register on the Moo Money website to begin. From there, in-store purchases can be redeemed by submitting a photo of your receipt online. Web-based purchases can be tracked as well. The Virtual Reward Cards, meanwhile, will be valid until June 1.

Believe it or not, “milk” is a hot topic recently as the FDA attempts to decide whether to reserve the word “milk” specifically for products that come from an animal. Many dairy groups think this is especially important as dairy milk has seen more and more customers turning to plant-based milk in recent years.