Order this week and you could win a year of free treats.
Milk Bar Cookies
Credit: Courtesy of Milk Bar

Though the indulgent treats you can find at Christina Tosi's Milk Bar are clearly worth going out for, they also are easily enjoyed in your pajamas from the most comfortable part of your couch. Luckily, fans have been able to score Milk Bar's goodies through delivery before – via Postmates and/or Caviar depending on the location – but now, the chain is adding UberEats to the mix as well. And to celebrate, Milk Bar and UberEats are offering up a trio of specials.

Milk Bar is now working with UberEats in three markets: New York City, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. If you live in one of those cities, you may want to consider hopping on your UberEats app right now: The service says that they'll be tossing in a free cookie with all orders for the rest of today.

Even if you can't grab your free cookie today, UberEats still wants you to give their Milk Bar delivery a try, so for this whole week, UberEats will be waving delivery fees on all orders. All you have to do is enter the promotional code "MILKBAR18" for unlimited free delivery until December 23.

But for the most Milk Bar obsessed, here's the news you've really been waiting for… if you also think you're due for a bit of good luck. By using the "MILKBAR18" code at any point throughout the week, you will also be automatically entered into a sweepstakes to score a free year of Milk Bar delivered via UberEats

Of course, a "free year" of Milk Bar means different things to different people depending on just how often you give into the cravings of your sweet tooth. In this case, UberEats specifies that the sweepstakes if for "free delivery up to $428 within one year of receipt." That comes out to about $8 a week, which, though not everyone's definition of a year's worth of Milk Bar, is probably for the best if you care about your calorie intake.