Cereal Milk and B'Day round out Milk Bar's new latte triumvirate.
crack pie latte milk bar
Credit: Courtesy of Milk Bar

If you're lucky enough to live or near one of the world's beloved Milk Bars, your mornings are about to get sweeter. Yes, starting today, you'll be thanking founder, owner, and head chef Christina Tosi, because every location of the bakery is now offering three new latte flavors inspired by those of its hit deserts: Crack Pie, Cereal Milk, and B'Day.

While all three have their throngs of adoring fans, the most intense-sounding has to be Crack Pie. The original Crack Pie is filled with sugar, heavy cream, butter, and the trademark edition of corn powder. For its transmutation into the Crack Pie Latte, Milk Bar uses espresso, dark brown sugar, steamed milk, and corn ganache.

But the other two seem just as appealing. The Cereal Milk Latte, according to The Daily News, was already a classic Milk Bar off-menu item. But now, the blend of milk, cornflakes, brown sugar, and a pinch of salt that Milk Bar uses in its Cereal Milk Soft Serve ice cream, Milkquakes, and just on its own, is hitting the general public in latte form. Just steam it and add espresso!

And finally, whatever day it is, there's the B'Day Latte. If you looked at the three-layer, vanilla rainbow cake layered with rainbow cake crumbs and topped with vanilla frosting and thought, "that should be a latte," you are seriously in luck with this one. It takes those rainbow crumbs, "B'Day syrup," salt, yellow cake flavor, espresso, and steamed cereal milk, and tops it all with sprinkles for a very powerful-looking latte creation.

Each latte comes in three sizes, between eight and 16 ounces, which run between $4 and $6. With Milk Bars stationed around NYC, as well as in Washington D.C., Toronto, and Las Vegas, that cup of coffee will have you thinking about dessert before breakfast.