The city also joins Rome in banning glass bottles.
Milan food truck ban
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When people are on vacation they generally like to do the same sorts of things: Take pictures, go out for drinks, and eat a lot of good food. Italy, it seems, is on a quest to make sure if you go there to do any of those three activities, it'd better be on their terms: respectfully, neatly, and without getting in anyone’s way.

Authorities in Milan recently announced that selfie sticks, food trucks, and glass bottles are all banned in the city. Milan claims that outlawing these items will tackle anti-social behavior and curb littering, according to the Independent. The jury is still out on whether or not forcing people to put away the selfie sticks will actually force them to talk to each other, but it may prevent them from thwacking each other in the head at museums.

Both locals and tourists are strictly prohibited from "holding, carrying, leaving on the ground, disposing of, or receiving any kind of glass bottles or containers, cans, and selfie sticks" around the city. Forget about setting off fireworks or firecrackers in Milan, and if you’re looking for a quick bite, don’t expect any food trucks to be rolling around the city streets either. You'll have to frequent any of the numerous shops that sell gelato, pizza, coffee, pasta, and cheese, which hopefully won't take too much convincing.

These new rules are in place until August 31 at least, but like a parent at the end of her rope, Carmela Rozza, the city’s councilor for security, warns that the regulations could stay in place longer.

"It is a renewable provision,” she threatened.

Milan is following in the footsteps of its sister cities: Rome recently cracked down on outdoor, nighttime drinking, in an effort to force both tourists and locals alike to respect the city’s architecture and historical sites. Meanwhile, Florence will hose down its churches during lunch hour, in order to discourage tired tourists from settling near them with a drink and sandwich.

Will the new rules hamper your vacation fun? No. Italy isn’t going to stop serving tourists their famous food. You can still admire their villas, cafes, and hotels. The country is only insisting that you do so with kindness, and consideration for the locals. Considering all that Italy has given the world, it's probably not too much to ask.