Get a Sneak Peak Inside Michael Solomonov's New Book, 'Israeli Soul'

From five minute hummus to shawarma you can make in an oven, not on a spit, the recipes in the book turn some of Israel's most beloved dishes into accessible, weeknight cooking.

Michael Solomonov knows hummus. The Philadelphia chef and restaurateur behind the acclaimed Zahav is also the mastermind behind Dizengoff, the hummusiyathat Philadelphians have been lining up for since 2014 (and that, until recently, also had a location in NYC's Chelsea Market). It's no wonder, then, that the five-minute hummus recipe in his new book, Israeli Soul, which comes out October 16, is already creating buzz.

In Israel, hummus isn't often made at home, for the sheer reason that it's so easy to get at hummusiyas everywhere. (Eat it straight from the bowl for breakfast if you're looking to do it right.) "In Israel, hummus basically comes out of the faucets," Solomonov says in the new book.

But if you're looking to recreate something close enough (not exact, but yes, close enough that it'll do) in almost no time at home, the chef has the recipe you need. Though dried chickpeas are the Israeli way, his recipe gives you permission to use the canned kind that are as easy to find as they are to open, and when it comes to eliminating an overnight soak, that permission slip to use canned might mean all the difference between admiring a recipe on the page and actually trying it out IRL for some home cooks. So canned it is, plus a little garlic, a full jar of tahini, cumin, lemon juice, salt and ice water. (Buy the book, get the recipe! And if you can't wait, find another one of Solomonov's hummus recipes here.)

"You will literally spend more time cleaning your food processor than putting this recipe together," Solomonove says. Make it for your friends, make it for breakfast. Just make it—that's what this book is all about. As the chef puts it, "We believe Five-Minute Hummus is a medium step forward for mankind."

The book is full of approachable recipes like this one. In the exclusive preview video above, you'll get a glimpse of what's in store. Think "things you can make in your apartment, in your house, with screaming children, in not a lot of time," the chef says.

If Solomonov's last book, Zahav, which was both the James Beard Book of the Year and the Best International Cookbook when it came out in 2016, is any indication, Israel Soul is one you'll want to get your hands on. Just make sure they're hummus-free when you do.

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