Turns out the Oscar-nominated actress is "more like Russell Crowe" than you might think. 

Margot Robbie and Mike Meyers
Credit: James D. Morgan/Getty Images

You might look at Australian actress Margot Robbie and see a poised, elegant woman at the height of her career, but Mike Myers has some news for you: She has a wild side—and given some of her recent roles (like the controversial figure skater Tonya Harding, for starters) that actually makes perfect sense. According to Myers, she's an expert beer drinker.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Myers revealed that during the filming of his upcoming film Terminal, in which he co-stars with Robbie, the actress threw a rager. Terminal filmed in Budapest, so Robbie took over a park filled with what Myers termed “Soviet statues.” During the party, Robbie introduced Meyers to two much-loved past times: Day drinking and shot-gunning beers.

Myers didn’t know much about “daytime drinking”—drinking, he previously assumed, was an activity for the nighttime—but with Robbie’s tutelage, he quickly learned that getting drunk while it’s still light out is very, very possible.

Myers’ wife Kelly, who is from Boston, came to visit around the time of the party, so of course, he brought her along. When Robbie joked that Americans don’t know how to drink, Kelly took her words as a challenge, and the trio tried shot-gunning a “huge can of Budapest beer,”—a beverage apparently so strong it could “take Sharpie off a marble table.”

Myers gave up after a couple sips, Kelly only got halfway through, but Robbie was in it for the long haul—Myers joked that afterward she said she “could do ten more.”

Sounds like a truly special bonding activity, but Myers got up to much more antics while on set. He said that because he had so much downtime, he wrote songs on Garage Band, had water balloon fights, and even filmed his very own zombie movie on his iPhone.