By FWx Editors
Updated April 25, 2016

There are ancient pizza debates that remain unsettled to this day: Thick crust vs. thin, coal vs. wood burning ovens, what exactly is the proper way to sacrifice yourself to the pizza gods if you get caught eating a slice with a fork? One argument we have not seen come up before though is: Should you light your pizza on fire? An Italian restaurant in South Korea though believes we should tackle this question and answer it with a resounding yes.

At The Place diners who order “the bomb” get a basketball-sized dome of dough brought to their table. Waitstaff then pour alcohol on it and light it up. Responsible pizza eaters will wait for the fire to extinguish before cutting into the charred casing to reveal the bubbling cheese of a pizza inside.

South Korea has a reputation for pizza oddities—strawberry pizza, potato chip pizza, abalone pizza—but none of them put on quite the show of the flaming bomb. You can find the restaurant in the North Seoul Tower and check the entire menu here (although, after seeing the video, who really needs the rest of the menu.)

[h/t Huffpo]