By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 12, 2015
Photo by usk9999 / Getty Images

Cold ice cream and desert heat might seem like natural enemies – outside of the fact that I’m sure a bowl of ice cream tastes particularly good if you’re stranded in that kind of environment. But a company in the United Arab Emirates is bringing a touch of desert life to the frozen dessert, producing plenty of camel milk ice cream.

According to CNN, the Al Ain Dairy Farm about 75 miles outside of Dubai has 1,600 camels producing 40,000 bottles of milk a day. Since earlier this year, some of that milk has been going towards their Camelait Camel Milk Ice Cream line of products – billed as the first to be available on the mass market. The camel-centric treat comes in six flavors: caramel, cardamom, chocolate, date, saffron and vanilla. Camel milk tastes a bit saltier than cow milk, is higher in vitamin C and lower in fat.

Despite some efforts in the United States to get people to start using camel milk, it hasn’t taken off yet. But it’s common in kitchens all over the middle east. Mubarak Mohamaed Al Hamdi. the camel manager at Al Ain told CNN he “grew up on camels. Our ancestors had nothing but camels for food and milk. It's always been part of our heritage and who we are. They give us life.”

Though he gave no specific plans, Al Hamdi said he hopes that soon, camel milk ice cream will be available around the entire world. I’ll take extra camel in mine, please.