But it's one TV you probably won’t want to sit too close to.
microwave to video game console
Credit: 3alexd / OktalStudio / Adventtr / Getty Images

Okay, so you’ve decided not to cook tonight. You reach for some leftovers or a frozen dinner and pop it in the microwave. Now you’ve got two minutes to kill. Could you do things like wash some dishes or clean out the refrigerator in the meantime? Sure. But why would you do those boring chores when you’ve got the option to play some awesomely low-res retro video games in the comfort of your own kitchen?

Luckily, Play-O-Wave is here to solve all of your problems (including “not spending enough time in front of the microwave,” if that’s a problem you’re facing). The handy appliance is both a microwave oven and a television screen that can be hooked up to almost any video game console, or even just play your regular slate of cable channels if you like. There are already refrigerators with TV and computer screens in them, so why not?

The strange mash-up was cobbled together by Colin Furze, a self-described garage inventor and YouTuber, hosts his own online invention show where fans can request odd or outright insane creations be built. The inspiration for the Play-O-Wave came from an idea submitted by a car mechanic named Dan, who wanted a solution for all the downtime while waiting for things to cook. For some reason, the dish Furze cooks while he plays an 8-bit bicycle game is an onion topped with peanut butter. But hey, British food tastes, like British food words, are different than Americans.

Furze is no stranger to kitchen gadgets. Previous installments of his Invention Show have included a knife that toasts bread as it cuts, a vacuum cleaner that can make and heat up soup, and a kettle that boils water in under a minute using thermite, a pyrotechnic substance that burns at about 3500 degrees Fahrenheit. No, you probably won’t be rigging up your own microwave/Nintendo after watching this, but you might feel a little extra bored the next time you nuke some nachos.