Orbitz charted a course to each of America's 159 Michelin-star restaurants. 


There are just 159 Michelin-starred restaurants located in four American states: New York, Maryland (which includes those located in Washington D.C.), Illinois, and California. If you’re a major food fanatic, you’ve probably day-dreamed about visiting every single one. Now, a new map pieced together by the travel site Orbitz has made it even easier to eat your way through the United States.The map they created, called the Michelin Star-Spangled Road Trip, is an interactive guide to the location of each restaurant. The website lists the name, address, and number of stars for each restaurant, sorted by state, and then using a pin drop as you would see on Google Maps, locates each one on the accompanying map.

Using an “optimisation algorithm,” Orbitz found that taking even the shortest route through the United States to visit each restaurant, you would still have to cover 3,426 miles, starting at Commis restaurant in Oakland and finishing with Hirohisa in New York.

Even if you were able to eat in one restaurant every single night, the trip would still take you five months to complete, and much of the trip would be spent in the car: The longest distance between stops is a 2,111-mile drive between Bouchon in Yountville, California and El Ideas, in Chicago.

The map can still help you if you’re looking for a shorter trip: Zooming in on each state will plot a course through the restaurants in that location.

While we're sure there are plenty of great restaurants in between these locations, at least this map is an easy way to plot your course between what many consider to be the best of the best.