The two trusted restaurant reviewers are now on the same team, with Michelin buying a 40 percent stake in the popular guide.

Michelin, the famous tire company that also, just as famously, reviews restaurants, recently purchased a 40% stake in Le Fooding Guide. With both being France-based, also highly-trusted and respected restaurant-raters, Le Fooding is pretty similar to Michelin. However, Le Fooding, founded in Paris by journalist Alexandre Cammas in 2000, boasts a generally younger audience. That their readership remains more youthful than Michelin’s is probably because, both in-print and online, Le Fooding’s reviews often focus on more affordable dining options. The company also hosts events and partnered with a Seamless-like service, Deliveroo, for a curated food delivery experience.

Cammas and associate director Marine Bidaud will still be in charge at Le Fooding—they remain majority stakeholders. However, it seems members of both teams are pretty psyched. “The worldwide reputation of the Michelin guide, both with chefs and with the general public, combined with a code of ethics common to our two guides which obliges us to pay all our bills, has quickly highlighted the relevance and legitimacy of this partnership. This partnership will also assist us in the deployment of our guide in other major French and foreign cities," Cammas said in a Michelin press release.

Meanwhile, Alexandre Taisne, Michelin Group's gastronomic and tourist activities director added that the minority acquisition, “will enable our customers to benefit from more efficient offers and services to find the right table according to their desires and their budget. It will also create new development opportunities for all players in the gastronomy ecosystem.”

Put a little more simply, while Le Fooding probably just got a sizeable paycheck, Michelin now has a seat at the cool kids’ table (not that it wasn't pretty cool already).

Michelin was in the news yesterday as well, for being the subject of an upcoming documentary Michelin Stars, Tales From The Kitchen, that highlights what it takes to become a Michelin-starred chef.