Berlin gains its first three-star restaurant.
Michelin Guide Germany Rutz Marco Müller
Credit: picture alliance / Getty Images

Michelin season is in full swing for 2020. Just last month, the guide for the Nordic Countries were released, as well as the first-ever guide for Malta, which saw three restaurants earn one star and three others receive Bib Gourmands. The latest is the 2020 guide for Germany, which was announced on March 3 and features 37 newly-starred restaurants.

The big news happened in Berlin, where Rutz, run by chef Marco Müller, earned a third star this year, making it the first restaurant in the city to receive the honor. The guide wrote that the menu “promises well-balanced, creative combinations of top-quality ingredients, skillfully showcasing particular flavors to give each dish its own special character.” (It also received a green clover for “sustainable gastronomy.”) Overall, Germany now has 10 three-star restaurants—Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn, which has maintained a three-star rating since 1993, was destroyed in a fire earlier this year and thus did not appear in this year's guide, according to Michelin.

In the two-star category, seven restaurants joined the ranks for a grand total of 43, a record for the country. The spread includes Les Deux in Munich, Oberndorfer's Eisvogel in Neunburg vorm Wald, Olivo in Stuttgart, Gustav in Frankfurt am Main, CODA Dessert Dining restaurant in Berlin, Bianc in Hamburg, and Jante in Hanover. As for the one-star ratings? There were 29 additions, ranging from Prism in Berlin to Sparkling Bistro in Munich. 

You can find the full Germany guide on Michelin’s website, including all starred restaurants as well as Bib Gourmand and Michelin Plate distinctions. The newly starred restaurants for 2020 are outlined below, courtesy of Michelin.

Three Stars

Rutz, Berlin

Two Stars

CODA Dessert Dining, Berlin

Gustav, Frankfurt am Main

bianc, Hamburg

Jante, Hannover

Les Deux, München

Obendorfer’s Eisvogel, Neunburg vorm Wald

Olivo, Stuttgart

One Star

Cordo, Berlin

prism, Berlin

Villa Linde – s’Äpfle, Bodman-Ludwisghafen

Kucher’s Gourmet, Darscheid

BjörnsOX, Dermbach

Der Öschberghof – Ösch Noir, Donaueschingen

Setzkasten, Düsseldorf

Traube, Efringen-Kirchen

Hannappel, Essen

Le Canard nouveau, Hamburg

noVA, Herrenberg 

OSCARS fine dining, Hinterzarten

astrain, Köln

SeeVital Hotel Schiff – SEO Küchenhandwerk, Langenargen

mural, München

Sparkling Bistro, München

Coeur D’Artichaut, Münster (Westfalen)

ferment, Münster (Westfalen)

Alte Baiz, Neuhausen (Enzkreis)

Kesselhaus, Osnabrück

Gasthaus Jakob, Perasdorf

PAVO im Burghotel Falkenstein, Pfronten

Gourmetsrestaurant Nico Burghardt, Schorndorf

Schwingshackl ESSKULTUR Gourmet, Bad Tölz

Schloss Filseck, Uhingen

Weinstock, Volkach

THE IZAKAYA, Wachenheim an der Weinstraße

Admiral, Weisenheim am Berg

Pietsch, Wernigerode