Kirk Hammett's electronics company, KHDK, and Dark Matter Coffee collaborated on the limited-edition coffee blend.


Consider this, if it hasn’t crossed your mind before: There are many similarities between coffee, and rock n’ roll. Both, for instance, give you a jolt of energy, and probably keep you up all night. Both coffee culture and rock n’ roll are havens for the angsty, super-hip, alternative-minded folks among us, but can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone. Kirk Hammett, the current guitarist for Metallica—the band that made heavy metal for mainstream rock n’ roll audiences—seems to understand this connection, enough to launch his very own blend. Hammett’s guitar pedal company, KHDK, teamed up Chicago-based coffee bar chain Dark Matter Coffee, on Ghoul Screamer—named after Hammett’s “signature” pedal.

Does the coffee taste like heavy metal sounds when it’s blaring out of your speakers? According to Dark Matter Coffee, yes, and also, proceed with caution. “Only warriors of the sacred caffeine-to-blood ratio will wield the power of Ghoul Screamer, a fully fermented brew with waves of untamed punch. Those unworthy will be consumed by its force,” the blend's description reads.

In a video explaining the process behind creating the blend, Hammett can be seen testing different coffees, spotlighting one from El Salvador as his favorite.

“This is what I imagine coffee should be, always,” he says. “This is better than Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream.”

Jokes aside, the blend got a “triple thumbs up" from Hammett, so you know he had a real hand in choosing the flavors for the Ghoul Screamer blend.

If, by chance, you are especially moved by Dark Matter Coffee’s intimate connection to all things rock n’ roll, the company has another limited-edition blend in its line, called Heavy Metal, in honor of the magazine of the same name. Both coffees may be best enjoyed in the spirit of the music inspired them—we'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to try playing air guitar and drinking a cup of coffee at the same time.