He and Meryl Streep revealed some odd food facts during their Reddit AMA.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant's Favorite Cheese
Credit: © Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

To celebrate the American release of their new film Florence Foster Jenkins, actors Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep took to Reddit yesterday to answer some of their fans' burning questions about the movie and, uh, some other stuff. The duo covered a vast swathe of topics—including naming their own favorite films (Grant: Four Weddings and a Funeral, Streep: The Godfather), if Streep uses her Oscars as doorstops (answer: "Of course I do."), and whether or not Grant does the "Pop Goes My Heart" dance from Music and Lyrics every chance he gets (he says: "I like to perform Pop Goes My Heart with all the dance moves every morning and every evening, with my children. It's our little routine it's like The Sound of Music. If they don't do it I beat them.").

Perhaps some of the most entertaining exchanges during the AMA were about Streep and Grant's food preferences. One Redditor asked the deeply philosophical question: "Is a hot dog a sandwich?" which launched Grant into a storytime about his most recent experience with Nathan's hot dogs. Spoiler: Grant loves hot dogs.

Grant: I had a very unhappy experience with Nathan's hot dogs

Streep: Last night you had a hot dog.

Grant: I had one last night—I got so hungry at the premier—which I paid for myself.

Streep: Only the best.

Grant: I was filming Two Weeks Notice in Coney Island, and someone told me Nathan's hot dogs were famous. What they didn't tell me is you should only have one. I had seven.

Streep: Seven?

Grant: I was unable to return to the set after, because of the condition of my innards. I had a makeup artist from Brooklyn who did not mince her words. She said, 'Oh my god, did it blow your ass out?'

Streep: It's really a lovely story. I want to return to that, over and over.

Grant: It a hot dog a sandwich? Well, with a bun, yes. Without a bun, no. It's a canape.

If you've ever wondered what Grant and Streep's favorite cheese are, well, they revealed the surprising answers to that burning question, too.

Streep: Well my favorite is really really sharp, extra sharp, aged cheddar cheese.

Grant: I recently discovered the stuff that comes out of a tube in America. What's it called?

Streep: Velveeta?

Grant: Delicious.

Streep: Oh, you really—

Grant: Unmatchable.

Streep: You're lying.

Grant: Almost as good as a Nathan's hot dog. Particularly when squeezed directly into the mouth, I think.

Streep: That's far enough.